UFO Finish

The Spangle quilt was designed March 2014.  It sat around as a flimsy for a long time, but it is now truly a quilt.



I almost forgot how much I liked this particular controlled scrappy combination.  At this point I don’t remember if I chose the colors and then found the back or the other way around.


What I do know is that I like it!


This one is NOT part of the 52 in 2015 project as I am not ready to give it away.  I want to just look at it for a while and rejoice in its finished condition.


While it isn’t something I normally do, this quilt and another small one were sent to my quilter, Tara, just to get them done.  It might have been the lazy way out, but they are quilted.

8 thoughts on “UFO Finish

  1. Good for you. Nice and cheerful quilt. My hubby just finished his very first quilt. I sent it to the long arm quilter and just got it back and I put the binding on. He’s not ready for that part yet. I am going to take some pictures of it and will send you a photo of it.

  2. Very nice, and perfect timeing for fall colors! I always have a few quilts that just need to hang out for a while before i can send them out. So much planning, choosing of colors, agonizing of placing what goes where, or next to what. So most of them hang out a week or two and i get to thoroughly enjoy them, and then I am ready to let them go, and to start the next! Of course mine are mostly all baby quilts, so there is no temptation to keep them. Now if it is art work and I can put it on the wall that is quite another thing! I can see why you are keeping this one. It is always a joy to see what you are doing!

  3. And quilted so nicely by Tara, too. It’s lovely to see it done. Your reasoning for keeping it out of the 52 made me smile.

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