Two By Two

Here is the latest baby quilt…just more small squares.  You might think it would be boring, but I’m not bored yet.


This quilt started from some orphan blocks and I added until there was enough to call it a reasonable size.  It is made of all 2″ squares–24 x 24–and finishes at 36″ square.


A scrappy happy finish!

ps–This is 37 of 52 (See the 52 in 2015 menu button above)

6 thoughts on “Two By Two

  1. Your numbers are getting up there,and its the end of October.  Just wondering if you would like some help?  Jean from Clinton,  Utah

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  2. looks great! funny thing about squares: they never get boring! I did 2 quilts recently: a Bethlehem star, and working on a double wedding ring now; i’ll be glad to get back to my squares!

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