Three Thousand Six Hundred…So Far

Friday night I finished stitching together block 36 of 36.  Well, the centers of the blocks.  It totals 3,600 squares to this point.


Ok, let’s be honest–there is still a very long ways to go, but we have to celebrate each little victory on our way to a finish.  Right?

These blocks are 10 x 10 and made from 1-1/2″ squares.  I have planned a Hundred Patch quilt using them.  Considering I started in February this year, and use it as a leader-ender, it isn’t going too badly.

I made two Hundred Patch quilts using 2″ squares in the past and neither lives with me.  I am betting this quilt will be a keeper.

10 thoughts on “Three Thousand Six Hundred…So Far

  1. That is terrific! One of these days I will keep one of the quilts I make…after all the children get there’s , I’ll get mine…(yes, I do love chicken wings too!) I have been doing 16 patches with my leaders and enders they are 2″ squares…I haven’t a clue what they will be when done…I have around 44 done since the beginning of summer. Happy Piecing!

  2. I’ve finally made the star quilt and attach the pictures.  It is for my daughter for Christmas.   Her Son – our Grandson – has been stationed overseas for a couple years through the Air Force.   I thank God for you and your great patterns and tutorials. 

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  3. This is really going to be an incredible piece when it is finished, Deanna. I love all of the colors, and you know as you work with these pieces, you recall other projects.
    I love this photo of this happy pile!

  4. I worked on the Calico Rose this weekend at my quilt retreat. Have the block ones done and starting on the alternate block. I forgot to take white with me to cut for them.
    Your work is incredible.

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