Christmas For The Grands: Twin V.

We are the happy grandparents of 5 (Second Son just announced that #6 is on the way).  I may not always be able to give them a grandma-made-it-Christmas, but at least this year that is the plan.  Here is the first finished item:  A fairy dress with matching baby doll skirt for Twin V, who is 3-1/2 years old.


The bodice is made of a 6″ stretch crochet tube purchased at Joanns.  Other than that it is all hand-me-down fabric and leftovers.

The results are so fun and happy!  I just wish she were here to model it. Ah, Christmas comes slowly for children and eager grandmothers.

9 thoughts on “Christmas For The Grands: Twin V.

  1. What an adorable little dress! I love how creative you are, and to think of the doll, too. She will love that, I’m sure. Congratulations on #6!

  2. what a sweet sentiment…..Christmas comes slowly for children and eager grandmothers. Made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So pretty and colorful! It is always fun to come up with creative ideas for Christmas, and when they are finished how wonderful, happy ideas and Christmas sewing! And enjoy those grandbabies they grow quickly.

  4. What I should have said is that you are going to have one happy and delighted little girl! And they truly came out adorable, if mom and dad don’t mind, we would love to see her in it.

  5. Deanna, I love your little fairy dress, and have 6 great granddaughters who would go crazy for this. Do you have a pattern, or know of someone who has a pattern? I would love to be able to make them for Christmas. Thanks so much for sharing.

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