The Calico Rose Quiltalong was a success beyond my wildest dreams.  How do I know?  Because all of you keep telling me so by sharing your pictures of finished work and works in progress.  They are all so beautiful it makes me want to start another one!

Here is some inspiration…

Karlai has a beautiful color scheme and wonderful quilting, too.

20151031_214545 20151031_214410 20151031_214508

Charlene shared her top.  She had such a good time that she has convinced two friends to give it a try.  They are cutting and collecting 2″ squares.  YES!  Spread the quilting obsession…

stars 001

Julie worked her way to a beautiful finish and used some leftover squares to make matching pillow cases.  What a clever idea!  Around here I sometimes say there is no leftover fabric, just fabric that hasn’t been used yet!


Emma has a finished top (currently seen doubling as window covering).  I like the pops of orange.


Veronica did the large (7×7) size and says it fits her queen size bed perfectly.


Thanks to all for sharing their lovely work.  If you have a quilt or an update, send it along!

13 thoughts on “CALICO ROSE QUILTALONG: Show And Tell Phase 2

  1. They look great. My borders and finish of top are the ALYOF goal for November, but it’s halfway through the month and I haven’t even looked at it yet! Fortunately, there’s not much left to do. =)

  2. Mine is still in progress, but on hold for a while. I enjoyed very much making the stars, but in the second block put my white 2″ squares in the wrong corners. They are fixed now but time has run out for a “speedy” finish. It’s on the top of my ‘to finish pile’

  3. I could not do the sew along BUT I just finished a large quilt and have lots of red/ white strips left over. Maybe I can sew some leader/ endear and make this one too! They look great! The border finishes it beautifully. My favorite is the soft colored one that looks like 30s fabric. Everyone did a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Deanna, this was an impressive design and every one’s quilts are just wonderful!!
    (I made a quilt similar to this using Miss Kate. I do not have the striking irish chain or the border) It is such a joyful design. I love the border you created, I think that would be the thing I will add to mine.
    All of these quilts are just stunning. Thanks to all that shared and of course you inspired.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to continue with Phase 2. All the quilts are so beautiful. Enjoyed making it; still have to quilt top. Appreciate all the wonderful things you do.

  6. Thanks for allowing us to peek into others’ accomplishments. You are a great blessing to share patterns, your enjoyment of sewing/piecing/quilting and your tender heart toward family and friends. Karla Inman

  7. Hi Deanne this is the quilt throw my friend Caren decided to make after the double one from your 100 squares pattern she hasn’t done the Calico Rose yet…the power of Yet right?!

    TED Talks @TEDTalks

    “Poetry isn’t one thing that serves one purpose. It’s a way of making patterns that put emotions into words.” Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath. And if you have friends who make you laugh, spend lots of time with them .Dance in the rain,splash in the puddles, Sing in the shower,Answer the phone with a smile in your voice, Walk in the moonlight,life is short, live each day as if there will be no tomorrow!

    Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2015 03:53:10 +0000 To:

  8. I have been obsessed with these quilts for a couple of months…making quilts for the children who lost all in the Lake County, CA fires…I would like to show you, but cannot see how to send you the photos….

  9. I am new to this website and before I knew it I had stumbled across this quiltalong. To say I am hooked is putting it mildly! I have cut squares of every size, an enormous pile of scraps under two tables just waiting to be cut into squares and strips, so this is indeed the perfect pattern I have been waiting for!

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