Six Squared Rainbow

Sometime in 2011 I started sewing together rainbow colored 2″ squares.  Over the next years I mentioned the project from time to time.  HERE I had three blocks finished.  HERE it made a Works in Progress List.  HERE is another update.  The top was completed in 2013.


Well, the whole thing is done now.  Took me long enough.

But it is worth the wait–I LOVE THIS QUILT.

And, look at the backing–totally unnecessary gorgeousness.


Tara did a great job on the quilting.  I sent her an ugly little sketch, and she sent me back this!


I have no idea what I am going to do with it, but I am certainly relieved to be a the end of this particular rainbow.


ps–The quilt finishes at about 80″ square.  I am not doing a tutorial for this one.  It has been too long and I am ready to move on.

20 thoughts on “Six Squared Rainbow

  1. Love all of those rainbow blocks,made ot of those tiny squares. So very pretty, and I really like what you chose for a quilting design. Just plain all over pretty!

  2. Oh this is so beautiful.
    When I first read the email, I read it as Six Squared PILLOW for some nutty brain, old ladiesh reason. Then I looked at your gorgeous creation and thought….. yeah, those must be super tiny squares LOLOL
    This is just beautiful !!!!!
    36X36 blocks are so fun. You really put the rainbow into this delightful quilt

  3. Very beautiful. I’m sure you’ll find just the right purpose for it. It’s very happy and cheerful to look at it, so perfect for a gray, rainy day!

  4. Nice to have a quilt in the wings just waiting for a purpose. Someday when you are “too busy” but need a quilt, this beauty will be there. I love coordinated scrap quilts, but it does take a while to accumulate the pieces.

  5. I love it. It makes me happy. I love rainbows and this is a gorgeous creation. I want it………………… So beautiful. Congrats.

  6. Nice job. No way for me. I just finished 2 quilts. A reversible lap and a reversible king. Now I get the rest of the year off as well as January. Need the rest. Dr.’s orders.

  7. That is beautiful, I just love a great rainbow quilt. And the backing is perfect for it. I am two/thirds of the way done with my 2 1/2″Charmed quilt. I want to get it done soon, but it has been one that goes to the back burner when something else is needed.

  8. Great finish!! Sometimes things are in progress for so long that the finish isn’t much fun. Enjoy this! I’d keep it and snuggle under it all winter.

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