Christmas Stockings

In keeping with family tradition, it is time to make Christmas stockings for the new additions to our family.  It has been a great year (and a half) and three stockings were needed.


Middle Son and wife added baby #3 to their family, a darling girl.

Number One son and wife added two babies in the last year and a half.  Rock joined the family last July and should have had a sock last year, but I had been sick and just couldn’t quite manage it.  Just as well, I guess, since he was unexpectedly joined by a second son this this July.  Our dear Max (also known as Kevin) was about 7 months old when he came to us and is now doing splendidly. And definitely needed a stocking, too.


They are done now and ready to be mailed and delivered.


As much as I enjoy doing them, there is a lot of handwork and detailing.  That is what makes them special, but it also makes them take a long time.  YAY for a finish and on to something new.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Stockings

  1. Very nice. Busy lady. No more grand babies here. Got 2 one is 24 and the other is 10. Both from 2 sons. I really like it when people make their stockings. Puts a really nice home made feel into the holidays.

  2. Beautiful stockings. You have put in a big effort for those little treasures of yours. They will love them for many years to come. So glad to hear Max is doing well. I think of him often and have wondered. I hope he continues to thrive and grow with all the love he is getting from his wonderful family.

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