Scrappy String Star

This quilt is a new favorite.  I already plan on making another one in the near future.  Except larger.  And more stars.


I got the basic idea from an old quilting book.  It called for piecing the strips and then cutting using a template.  I foundation pieced the small strings and just used measurements to cut the star pieces.

The partial seams weren’t as bad as I expected and the whole thing is finished now.  Right down to the scrappy binding.

This makes 47 of 52.


7 thoughts on “Scrappy String Star

  1. Very attractive and bright! I might try it with HST strings – I have plenty of strings! I like the pieced inner border with it, too.

    1. The center wasn’t as hard to manage as I anticipated. The muslin used for foundation piecing was very light. I sort of spiraled the center for pressing and things laid out well. The quilting wasn’t too hard and I take that as a good sign.

  2. It is bright, cheery, and beautiful. I love seeing scrappy projects turn into such a beautiful finish! The white really sets off the colors, as does the narrow scrappy border & binding. Lovely!! I do wonder about the comment by TWEMYSS, and the thick middle portion… tough was it???

  3. Hi, just enjoying this eye candy…yummy, This is a very pretty quilt…definitely going to try it soon as I have a baby quilt to make for a shower gift in January and this is it! Yeah! I am also almost finished my Black background Calico Rose and it is a totally different quilt top then with white as a background…it has black arrows pointing north , south, east and west that are very dominant.
    Have a great big smilie day!

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