The Finish Line (And A Little More)

Here are quilts #52 and #53.  Yes, Sparkle Jane and I have (with a lot of help along the way) met our 2015 goal of completing 52 baby quilts for donation or gifting.


#52 was pieced by me, basted by Sparkle Jane, quilted by me, bound by her.  We’ll call it a group effort!


#53 has a story.  Just a few days ago one of my readers, Cate, asked about the Fairy Quilt.  I had put it away, wanting to focus on other things, and not sure what to do with it next.  But, I went to get it out because I do want to finish it and it is on my 2016 list.  What did I find folded up with it?  THIS quilt!  Some of you will recognize it as a Quarter Turn quilt.  Pieced with a backing prepared. Why?  I have no idea.  I am certain it make sense at the time.  Nothing to do but finish it.  So, that gives us a little more than our original goal.

Because some of the gifted quilt tops (from Nicole, Susan and Margaret) were not considered in the original calculations, there are two more quilts out there to be finished that will hopefully make it to the finish line this year also.  They are pieced and ready for quilting. Either way, it is good and they will be welcome somewhere when they are ready.

8 thoughts on “The Finish Line (And A Little More)

  1. Always good to do a little extra! I guess this was the right time for that little quilt #53! Congratulations on finishing your goal early!

  2. Yeah you 2. That is an amazing undertaking. You both should be very proud of your determination to fulfill your commitment. Such a great job.

    1. New goals, definitely. We will still make some baby quilts. After all, we have ideas not yet used, but there are other things, too. Sparkle Jane is working on a graduation quilt for a friend and I plan to make denim quilts for my brother’s children (and mine) from years of saved up jeans from their grandpa. That will keep me busy, I’m sure.

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