This Is It

The final two quilts for the 52 in 2015 project!

#54 Avast!


Designed and pieced by me.  Quilted by Jean, a lovely woman who volunteered to help.  Bound by me.  DONE!

#55 Dual


Also, designed and pieced by me.  Quilted by Jean, who surely had other things to do this holiday season.  Bound by me.  DONE!

So, that’s it.  We plan to take a few pictures of all of them together and then deliver them to the hospital.

It is odd to be done, but, after all, all things come to an end, and there is another project coming…


PS–If you could choose one of the above designs to be a baby quiltalong, which would it be?

PPS–And, better names for the designs.  I think I am a little tired…

37 thoughts on “This Is It

  1. This is a “stellar” finish.
    I love both of these little quilts.
    I like the second one the best, BECAUSE: I just made my first grandbaby daughter a quilt. She loves it because of all of the small squares of different color. She is a future genius… I think even 6 month oldsters that just learned how to sit on their tiny bottom, love to look at the whole beautiful quilt. Oh my that event was so adorable, it made me super happy.
    Well done and congratulations on the finish.
    I know the hospital will be very honored and appreciative for your donation

  2. I love them both, but the first one would be faster and easier with fewer pieces so I think it would be more practical for a baby quilt. Plus I’d love to try and make one like it, so bright and colorful..

  3. Hi. Nice job making and completing all those baby quilts! I like the second one best. I saw a similar one where they staggered the rows so the coins and stars were paired together and I liked it so much, I haven’t forgotton it.

  4. I like the second one with the stars — so cute!
    I’m so amazed at your number of completed quilts. I’m anxious to see that picture of all of them together. What an undertaking! You should be so proud that you did it. What a wonderful thing for you to do.

  5. For a quilt along?  The top one, but, I would want to make it full/queen sized or even queen/king.  When helping folks who had been burned out this summer I learned a couple of things.  Donated quilts need to have sizes  attached plainly for the folks handling donations. and 2–we quilters are VERY  generous with our quilts 🙂  But lots of folks have king sized beds and only a limited number of laps per family.  So, if we can do it larger is nice, and sizing is really a blessing.  Congratulations on completing a wonderful goal.  I am trying for one large quilt per month,  So only 12 to do and I lost count because some are gone all ready.  I think maybe 7 got totally done.  So, 2016–same goal for me!Happy, Blessed quilting  my blogger friend,

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  6. Wow, congratulations on meeting your lofty goal and surpassing it! Each quilt will bring special love to a special gift from God.

    Love both of the last two but Dual is speaking louder to me and asking to be added to my list of quilts.

  7. Congratulations on your goal. You certainly did better than me. I made it to 2/3rds of my goal. I like Dual (55) the best maybe because it reminds me of a very bright similar one that I made for a young girl that lives next door to work. It certainly has made a great baby quilt.


  8. Congratulations on a goal WELL completed!!

    I liked dual best for a sew-along. The first quilt would be completed too quickly!

  9. Brilliant ! Well done…you girls make a terrific team and many people have been impressed watching you reach your goal. (Looking at the gorgeous quilts you have done wasn’t hard either) I can just imagine all the warmth, smiles, and tenderness you will be spreading with these beautiful gifts of encouragement and well wishes.
    I like both options and am a scrappy quilt nut but, I would like to spread my wings with a bit of a challenge so I would like to try number 54…It is a bit more structured and I like the way it has dimension and the stars appear floaty or linked and to me it is still scrappy in its own way.

  10. I choose duel as I can use up more of my scraps. I am fairly new to your blog and wondering how to get the pattern. I have two teenage grandsons [16 & 14] who are requesting me to make baby quilts for their future children before my hands give out and I am unable to hand quilt them.

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