The Final Countdown: UFO’s

Ah, Shelly, you know what we need to get off to a good start in 2016.  Task two in the Final Countdown is:

Organize ALL our UFOs

As I sorted and mused this morning, I decided that what I call UFOs is really three different things.  So, I will share each separately.

I was originally going to call this post the Stack of Shame–it doesn’t look too good here.

WIPs (Works in Progress):  Items in this category are actively being worked on.  I usually have between 2 and 5 projects I consider active.  Right now I am at three.

a. THE Hundred Patch


b. Fairy Quilt


c. Jeans quilts for many (That’s the new mystery project I showed Young Son working on a few days ago.)


TRUE UFOs:  These are projects started, but that I am not working on at this time, and don’t really want to.  My goal is to move one of these to ACTIVE status with each completion above.  The Fairy Quilt is close, so by the end of January I should be to work on at least one of these.


a. Quasar

b. Tile Works

c. Husband Quilt

d. Leftover Calico Rose blocks

e. Barn Quilt

f. Christmas Soft Book

g. Academy Square

Project Possibilities:  This is the trickiest category.  It consists of bags and boxes and such where I have pulled and grouped fabric that I like with the idea of making “something” out of it.  I don’t count these as true UFOs because, beyond pulling fabric, nothing has happened yet.  I can’t decide if it is a good thing or a bad thing that there are about 30 possible projects in this pile.  For now, since they make me happy when I look at them, we’ll call it a good thing.


So, what does this say about me?  While I don’t just work on one thing at a time, overall, I am a good finisher.  Seven UFOs isn’t too bad. And, I must also be hopeful and optimistic because my pile would suggest that some part of me believes I will live to be 100 and quilt every day and love it all the way, because it doesn’t appear I will run out of fabric or ideas anytime soon.

Organizing and making lists is so energizing for me.  I want to get to work right away on SOMETHING…so many choices.




8 thoughts on “The Final Countdown: UFO’s

  1. Love the fairy quilt. Hey, blue jeans are making the rounds here, too. Stacey is finishing her second one, and I’ve collected a couple of pairs of jeans. =) I believe that, too, about living to be 100 and able to quilt all the way. Well, 93 at least. =)

  2. If you have to live to a hundred, heaven help me. 250 will be my goal. I am not even going to look for any UFO’S in my room, I’ll just work around them. If I don’t look, I can’t see. I really only call them ongoing works. Some just go on and on and on. But I do start and finish a lot so I am appreciative of that. Good luck with your goals.

  3. I enjoy putting together a pattern and the fabrics to make the quilt. I call these PIGS==projects in a grocery sack==altho’ I don’t really put them in plastic bags. I keep a list of my PIGS and pull one out when I want to start something new. These projects don’t become UFO’s unless they are put aside before being finished. I can’t start on a PIG until I finish a UFO.

  4. Well I am in the process of de-Christmassing our house. Will take the rest of this week and maybe 3 days next week.Our daughter loves to decorate for Christmas. So we are getting that done. By the end of January I should have my sewing room re-organized as there are 2 of us doing it now. It will take a lot of work and purging but I will conquer it.

  5. I think I have a similar amount of projects in the same categories. Except that I have a whole ton of small projects – pillows, pincushions and that sort of things that need a whole other category by themselves. Oh for some time to sew! Happy new year!

  6. Love all your current projects. I also work on at least 5-7 quilts at a time. I made a write in spreadsheet to keep track of my quilts and also a couple of pages that have headings like: needs piecing, needs backing, needs quilting, needs binding. I add the quilts to lists and cross them off. I do finish quilts. I probably made 20-30 this years. I just can’t work on one thing because I would get bored and dread it. I also LOVE denim so I am excited with what you come up with. I also group fabrics to make a quilt not knowing yet it will be. We are both either really creative or both wacky.

  7. I look forward to seeing what you do with the denim. I too have a jeans stash which I would like to use up this year.

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