350 Block Challenge: 2015 Summary Report

Shelly, that encouraging woman at Prairie Moon Quilts, also hosts an annual 350 Block Project.

I have participated the last few years and benefit from the understanding that comes from keeping track.  Sometimes I think I am not getting much done, but when I look at the year-end total I can see things more clearly.

So, here is the grand summary for 2015:

January: 34
February: 21
March: 55
April: 20
May: 26
June: 60
July: 50
August: 33
September: 46
October: 18
November: 7
December: 40
TOTAL: 410

Yay me!  All those baby quilts really paid off.

I am already looking forward to 2016.  Shelley will host this event again, I’m sure, but even if she didn’t I would tally up blocks for my own sake.  It is helpful.



4 thoughts on “350 Block Challenge: 2015 Summary Report

  1. It is helpful! I do it for the same reasons. In fact, I’m pretty sure I originally started thanks to you posting about it. See what an influence you are on me? =) That’s a lovely total! Here’s to a good 2016 accounting.

  2. What a great idea. People are always asking me how many quilts I make a year… I do other sewing so I tend to forget.   Happy New Year Jean

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