One Hundred Three

Sparkle Jane and I decided two things regarding thread early in 2015: 1. We could use our bits and pieces of nearly empty spools for piecing scrappy quilts regardless of the color, and 2. we would keep all the empty spools so we could see how many we used.


One hundred three.

That is a lot of thread!


10 thoughts on “One Hundred Three

  1. Now, do you have a good place to donate those? When I was a kinder teacher, I’d have loved them, but I don’t know that Kindergarten has time for number and pattern play any more. =P

    1. Oh, there is more thread, never fear. But, not so many odds and ends. I was actually afraid of running out of thread for a while, but was given a large quantity (150-ish spools) part way through the year. It is fun to have a lot of toys to play with.

  2. Great job! I string mine on a thin selvedge and hang them around my sewing room. I mark the fist spool I finish each year. I have been doing this for three years, and looking at the spools makes me smile.

  3. What an idea. Think I’ll start doing that. Instead of tossing them in the garbage maybe some school could use them or maybe VBS in the summer for their crafts for the kids during that week. Hmm, thanks for the great ideas everyone.

  4. Isn’t it fun to play silly games with ourselves. 25 years ago I collected such empty spools to make heads for little dolls and about five years ago decided No GO and threw them all away. Knitters call it “yarn suicide” when you go on with a project to see if there is enough yarn left to finish. We all do it with fabric, threads, etc.

  5. Hi, Now that box full of spools looks very industrious! Out of curiosity I just went on Pintrest and typed in, crafts with thread spools, and some really amazing, fun, and outright pretty came up! Do check it out, what wonderful gifts, and most of them looked pretty easy. You really have a fun treasure trove on your hands. I am now saving my empty spools!

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