That Is A Lot Of Quilts

We took the quilts of the 52 in 2015 project to my school to try to get some pictures of all of them.  Following is the best we could do.

It is a lot of quilts!

They should be delivered in the next few weeks.  I’ll post pictures then if it is photo worthy.


Thanks to all for your support.  Some of you will recognize fabric you contributed. All shared encouraging words and prayers and kindness.  It has been a terrific experience and a great way to give thanks for the life of that remarkable young woman known as Sparkle Jane.

11 thoughts on “That Is A Lot Of Quilts

  1. That is really awesome. I love the picture with your sparkly girl. Is the “husband” on your list that you are making a quilt for your husband this year?

  2. That is a lot of quilts. You and Sparkle Jane should be proud of all the work you did. Congratulations to you both. Good job.

  3. Looks absolutely terrific. Too bad you couldn’t have got an overhead shot! When a group I worked with made quilts for kids at camp (200) whose parents were serving in the military last summer, we took them to the local high school and clipped to the fence all around the tennis court, inside and out and were able to get fabulous photos.

  4. What a wonderful accomplishment for Sparkle Jane and of course you thru your willingness to help her.
    Good Job! There will be a lot of happy children and their parents. Take it from one who knows. Angels in Heaven are keeping track. Hugs….to you both. It was an honor to beable to help a small amount.

  5. You two never cease to amaze me. You have done a great thing in doing these quilts for the hospital. Truly inspirational. They will be greatly appreciated. I thank you both for doing this.

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