One Step Forward. Two Steps Back.

Over the holidays I was a veritable house on fire with ambition.  I cleaned.  I sorted.  I prioritized.  I made lists.  I was off to a great start.

Then I got sick.  Not pneumonia this time.  Strep instead.

That is why you have heard and seen nothing from me.  There wasn’t much to hear or see.  Except pain and fatigue.

I wasn’t trying to be noble or stubborn.  Again, my symptoms weren’t classic, and I didn’t recognize how sick I was until it could be ignored and coped with no longer.

Thursday I finally broke down and went to the doctor.  Antibiotics are amazing!

So, yesterday, Saturday, I was able to do a few things.  I chose an item off my WIP list, the Fairy Quilt, and made some decisions:


  1. For a while I went back and forth trying to decide if it was done or not, but this time I have really made up my mind:  IT IS DONE.  It is going out to the quilter this week.  When it comes back, it will be bound and prepared to be my annual donation to the local women’s shelter fundraiser.


2. Just a quilt doesn’t seem like quite enough, so I made this pillow to go with it.  Together they will make a nice set and someone will see them and say, “That is just right for my (grand)daughter’s room!”

So, that will be a finish for January.  Hopefully I can keep a one-a-month schedule for the year.  Is that too much to hope for?

22 thoughts on “One Step Forward. Two Steps Back.

  1. That’s not too much to hope for. I am so sorry to hear you were sick. You know if it had been one of the children, you’d have had them to the doctor a lot sooner! Here’s praying that’s the last time for this year.

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Multiple members of my family have been sick and my folks (who are in their 80s) were so sick they each spent time in the hospital, less than a week apart! This winter has really been bad for picking up bugs! Hope you are fully recovered soon and are DONE with sickness this year!

  3. So sorry you were sick and glad you are better. That is a beautiful quilt. So nice for a donation. Stay well and warm now! Helen

  4. I am really sorry you have been sick. I hope you will be feeling better very soon. I love this quilt. A great way to use your scraps. How sweet of you to donate it.

  5. Strep is a serious thing, so it’s good that you saw a doc and are feeling better.
    Your quilt and matching pillow are really a nifty set. Way to go! Good start to the year.

  6. Awwww. I hate strep. I had that many times as a child and then when I was 18 I got the ultimate Scarlet Fever. I was so sick.
    Any sickness is awful. I am so glad you got the antibiotics to kick it out. We are so lucky to have drugggggs
    This quilt is super perky and cute and the matching pillow. Oh I am so glad the funds will go to someone who needs a hand up.

  7. One a month!! Wow, I’m impressed!VERY, like I get perhaps 4 a year!? Sorry you haven’t been well at all, yes antibiotics are great when you need them, and I need my share over winter! We have a warm 38 degree today here, no hot north wind thankfully, I think it’s about 90 something degrees in our old language.Take care of you xxxxxps you quilts looks so nice and bright to make anyone feel happy, good sewing xxxxx

  8. Good for you. One project or WIP/UFO done a month…I think thats great. Good goal.
    Rest up….winter is here to stay I think. I finally had to put some humidity into the air, it was so dry I like you was doing lots of coughing etc. Take care of yourself.

  9. I’m sorry you’ve been sick again. Winter is hard on everyone. I haven’t done much this month. I am having a hard time with my hips and the most comfortable place is my recliner. I have been crocheting a lot. I have one afghan done and am almost ready to put another one together. They are twin size.
    I make a couple for the following winter for the Indian trip here in Maine along with a few quilts that we both do and hats that my hubby makes and also some mittens that I make.
    I really like your arrangement of this quilt. It is so colorful. Are there directions for it. If so would you post them, please? I think I would like to do one for the Indians/ Micmac tribe/reservation here in Maine. Maybe my hubby could do one also. What size is it? We like to do at least a twin size for them.
    Again I am glad you are feeling better. 😉

    1. As far as the quilt goes, there are no directions. It was a “make it up as I go along” design. It is based on 2″ squares, if that is any help. It is also pretty small at about 44″ square. Sorry to not be more help

  10. Sorry you have been sick and glad you are on the mend. After last years marathon, I think one a month is not asking too much. The quilt is lovely and a beautiful cushion to match. You are amazing.

  11. Yay! Getting better is a great feeling to have! Your quilt is lovely and I like the 2 different size patch blocks it really adds a textural pop doesn’t it? I think one whole quilt per month is ambitious but, you did meet your last years goal! sooo, maybe! I have looked at the pattern ‘Sunny Lanes ‘ for my extra blocks and it is a very strong contender for my next project However, once I saw the barn quilt you posted I was smitten! Hmmm
    Ps Keep getting well!

  12. I do not know how your quilt is being “sold” or gifted by your recipient charity, but I am sure it will raise a hefty sum if auctioned or raffled.
    Please remember unless you are still a teenager (or younger! Wouldn’t it be nice?) recuperation does take a bit longer. Good luck with your one a month plan, and please remember to be gentle with yourself as you attempt to get back to your normal self. Sleep well, eat healthy and gently stretch those sore and tired muscles back to being used regularly. Namaste

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