Soggy Holiday Sewing

Today is MLK Day in the US and a day off of school.  It was declared a “get things done” day by Husband and he and I each tackled a project.

He cleaned and organized a section of the basement.  No pictures of this, but he feels very successful and I am happy, too.

I got to sew.



I tackled another of the WIP’s:  Barn Quilt.  This project came to me in a hand-me-down pile of fabric.  My first realization was that I have no idea why I called it “barn quilt.”  It has houses on it, not barns.  The second realization was that is didn’t need much.

The top is now as finished as it is going to be and I have a prepared back and binding.  Finished size will be about 45″ x 60″.  A small throw, but not too bad.


Again, there is a pillow to go with it.  You might notice that there is very little of the red from the top.  That is because there wasn’t much left–barely enough for the binding.  I dug through scraps and found similar reds and just mixed them in and pretended that was what was intended all along.  It adds a little texture and is a successful illusion, I hope.


It just needs quilting and will be ready for donation.  The school holds a fundraiser in the spring and I might put this with the auction.  Alternately, it will be a second quilt set for the women’s shelter.

Two projects (mostly) off my list already–I am back in business!



14 thoughts on “Soggy Holiday Sewing

  1. Maybe you named it that because large quilt blocks on the side of buildings are usually called barn quilts? Whatever the reasoning, the quilt is wonderful! Whoever gets it is sure to treasure it.

  2. Love the barns! If you hadn’t said those were different reds in the pillows, I’d never have known. These look great together. Way to spend a wonderful day!

  3. I love this quilt and the colours are perfect for my taste! This quilt just beckons to me ” Come relax and snuggle up …We will be cozy together” Do you know where I could get the pattern for it?

  4. I love how you created a different design on the side of each of the houses. You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing!

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