Bits And Pieces

You haven’t heard from me because there isn’t much to show.

I am still piecing along on THAT Hundred Patch quilt.  I started a year ago in February.  This pile is 25 10×10 centers with borders.  Let’s see:  25 x 100 = 2500 (centers) , plus 25 x 4 = 100 (white borders), plus 52 x 25 = 1300 (outer pieced border).  The centers of the other 11 blocks are also finished so that adds 11 x 100 = 1100.  GRAND TOTAL: 5000.  So far.


Hopefully this will be a finished top by late spring or early summer.

Next up is my participation in the current Temecula Quilt Company Quiltalong, Circa 2016.  Such wonderful squares of tiny-ness.  Each finishes at 2-1/4″.


This week’s step is to create a medallion center out of these little blocks.  This is only step 4.  If you like tiny, or just want to give it a try, come quilt along.

Finally, an actual finish (Ta-dah!).  This soft book came already cut out in a hand-me-down pile. Now it is complete and ready for gifting.  It is in the present drawer awaiting a suitable season and recipient.


So, that’s all folks!  Hopefully soon there will be more to see.  And a tutorial. And…

4 thoughts on “Bits And Pieces

  1. Slow but steady wins the race? Or finishes the quilt at least! That’s quite a lot of sewing and a great many squares! I like YOUR tiny blocks, but I feel no urge to make my own. =)

  2. God has blessed you with patience. I should learn from this. Lol. I am so intrigued with what you are calling a “K-Quilt. Been trying desperately to get a handle on my hoard of fabric, made great progress this past wk. If a fabric wasn’t wrapped on a cardboard (most are not). Then I’ve been pressing, starching, ironing, cutting into my own “pre-cuts”. Concentrating on really accurate cuts, 10″layer cakes, 5″ pieces, 2 1/2″ squares & strips, & everything in between. Have also done about a 6″ stack of 4″ squares for a k-quilt, in anticipation of that forth coming tutorial. l shall continue working on getting my hoard cut up into usable sizes. A friend recently moved & I became the recipient of a few of those plastic dressers with several drawers, so each is labeled with a corresponding measurement for it’s content. That 10″ layer cake pile is about 7 inches tall right now, it will grow bigger as I feed it. Lol. Have a blessed day.

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