It Is Leftovers, But That Doesn’t Mean It Tastes Bad

Longtime readers might remember that the Calico Rose quilt was a design that went through several iterations.  Initially it was all star blocks, but, once the blocks were all finished, it was…boring.

Later the alternating blocks and pieced border were created and I loved the final product, but I still had all those leftover star blocks.  Seventeen of them.


After looking at all sorts of options, I settled on an on-point layout with sashing.  My little clearance fabric shopping trip a few weeks ago got backing fabric and the setting triangles.


Here is the finished top.


And the ready-to-go back.  I know the plaid doesn’t match on that seam, but there wasn’t enough fabric to match seams and it won’t be so noticeable once it is quilted.  Plus, anyone who is that concerned is already impressed or generally uncharitable (At least that is what I tell myself about my less-than-perfect work.).


It is about 55″ x 77″, enough for a throw or even a coverlet on a twin size bed.

It isn’t what I originally planned, but it is better than leaving those poor leftovers laying around to rot.  And the final “dish” is pretty tasty–for leftovers.


19 thoughts on “It Is Leftovers, But That Doesn’t Mean It Tastes Bad

  1. Firstly, I love what you did with the “leftovers”! I love stars…any stars!! The blue sashing and green setting triangles makes the finish so classy – and I love blue and green!! As for the miss match on the back… theory is ” a blind man would be glad to see it”! So be it!! Awesome quilt.

  2. Oh my mom would faint at those unmatched plaids…. oh, never mind, these aren’t pants– this is a cool quilt, it looks fantastic. This is one of my favorite blocks ever, I mean it is such a happy snappy block and looks good all day all night everywhere.
    I love the green on the side
    Well done, thank you for sharing your inspiration

  3. Its so darling, love all the mixed colors, so cheerful! I might do one like that as well! Thank you for showing us, I am sure the ladies at Age Concern and also now refugees I make quilts for will love it! They came to New Zealand with nothing but their clothes so are entitled to be loved by our quilts!

  4. As always your quilt is beautiful. It reminds me of early spring when the leaves on the trees begin to pop out. It feels so good to use up the bits left over from previous quilts. It’s almost like getting a free quilt!

  5. I love the back! This gives me ideas for how to set my grandmother’s star blocks. The blocks are old and not square. I need to figure out what to do with them. Setting them on point would be pretty. Yours turned out so nice!

  6. It pulled together really nicely, and the greens and blues do look so spring-y. I really love the little the little star in the back,it came out nice. What color are you binding it in?

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