17 thoughts on “36 of 36

  1. I loved working on mine and hte left overs were given to my quilt mate at my group and she made gorgeous clothes out of the little bits on her embroidery machine! She used it as a t shirt, skirt etc and came out amazing! Each time she does it now I look at it and can recognise the materials I gave her, so sweet and not only that, it cleared the container of materials and made me, the recipient of my quilt happy too!!

  2. I want to see it done too. How big is each square? If they are more then an inch I’m interested. Less then that it would be impossible for me to do. I love what you’ve done so far.

  3. I thought you were going to say what you were thinking is that you didn’t want to see another square for a very long time. LOL That’s quite a nice stack of blocks. Yay, you!

  4. I think that you have the patience of a saint! Did these start as 2 in. Squares that finishes out at 1 1/2″; or 1 1/2″ sq. that end up as 1 in. Squares? How are you going to put these together?

  5. Deanna, these blocks are just beautiful stacked here. I love this, I know it took a lot of effort. How lovely.

  6. Well done on finally finishing your 36 beautiful blocks – hopefully it won’t be another year to see them all put together – please make it soon 🙂

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! What a wonderful accomplishment. The finish will be the easy part, you’ve got all the hard stuff done, now it’s smooth sailing all downhill, with a tail wind to erge you on. Go for it, cannot wait to see the posted beauty when she’s finished.

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