Assembled: The Hundred Patch

About 11pm last night, April 7, I put the last stitches in THE Hundred Patch top.


The small squares started at 1-1/2″.   The narrow sashing likewise started at 1-1/2″ and the wider sashing between the blocks at 2-1/2″.

In case you are counting, and if I counted correctly, there are 5749 pieces in the completed top.  Just over 8-1/2 yards of rescued fabric scraps in those tiny squares.  Looking at it, I am surprised at how red/orange/yellow it is.  I don’t mind, but I would have guessed it would “read” cool as those are the colors I thought I used most.


I feel oddly emotional this morning as I take pictures and fold the top to put away until there is a back for it.  (Pictures inside only because the wind is blowing hard.) Thank you to everyone who provided help and support–fabric scraps, encouragement, and time I could spend on sewing because you cooked dinner or worked on laundry or drove the children places.

There is still a long ways to go, but this step is complete.  It is assembled.

47 thoughts on “Assembled: The Hundred Patch

  1. It is absolutely breathtaking. Congrats on your big finish. I may try to make one in the future when I finish my umpty ump amount of ufos and other stuff! It does read red. Interesting!

  2. Never in a million years would I take on a challenge like that. Kudos to you girl. I love it. When are you going to ship it to me. LOL!! I really love it.

  3. your finished top is beautiful. I love the design. it looks so fresh and clean. I cut all my 30’s prints into 2.5 or 1.5 squares. I might just have to do a quilt like yours. thank you for sharing your design and talent with me.

  4. Well done you! Absolutely beautiful, what an amazing achievement, don’t pack it away too soon, take the time to enjoy it and be proud eh?

  5. Congratulations on the finish! It’s gorgeous. I think the warm colors usually take over the cool colors, even when there are more cool ones. That was a lot more patience than I will have, I’m sure. =) Now you have to find a new favorite project to work on for the next couple of years. =)

  6. Well done to you on finally getting all those teeny tiny pieces sewn together and your beautiful top is finally finished 🙂

  7. Turned out really nice…a big accomplishment! Maybe it’ s more red/yellow/orange, because you used up more of of your cool colors and had bigger chunks of the warm colors left?

  8. Maybe the cool colors would be more pronounced in different light. Wow! I’m tired just thinking of all the hours in this. I hope it’s a keeper for you.

  9. So, the questions are, ONE: what was it’s final size? ( not counting the other two layers obviously), and TWO: are you still going to keep it for yourself? Just curious questions in the back of my mind. It is so gorgeous, very happy for your completing it finally. Job well done, as usual. You are so gifted in this way, God blessed you. Enjoy & delight in the finished work.

  10. Wow, it looks great and what an achievement of love time and patience!! 😘😘😘

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  11. I made one of these and donated it to my church to auction off in a fund raiser. I can’t wait to see how much it brings in.

  12. Well done indeed. It is beautiful. I have to admire your stamina. Yellow will take over a quilt but I love yellow. I always call yellow and purple ‘pop colours’.

  13. I love this. Now do I have the patience to start one? I have a lot of 1.5 inch squares I have been trying to use up. I guess I could start a block at a time.

    1. Mine took over 14 months to assemble. You don’t really have to be patient, just persistent. Give it a try–you can always stop after 9 blocks, or 12, or 16, and finish a smaller top. Or, push through to the end and have something huge and glorious!

  14. WOW! This is gorgeous! (I followed your blog years ago, and thought I was signed up to receive email notification….) Sorry it’s been so long! SUZ

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