9 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Hi, I too find it a surprise how warm my scrappies look, but warm colors are dominant and will come forward in space. The little piggies will seem to take up more space than they actually do.

  2. Happy Mother’s day . my son rarely ever speaks to me. He was raised in a single home and I was strict and pushed good grades and we went to church…but I”ve remarried and I thought at 24 he could handle me moving on with my life and giving him some independence would let him stop financially thinking I owed him everything..It’s been a conflict since then. He is bitter with me, so he just doesn’t call, write or FBmessage me for months at times. It hurts beyond tears.
    but pops is the fun one his drinking buddy and they laugh more… so I”m told. This is just another day of hurt to the heart. Just a reminder that not all Moma’s count when kids become adults. Your not spoken to until they start needing money or something. It is a sad day for me. So Mother’s if your kids are with you .. cheerish the moments!

  3. Hope your day is wonderful. Thank you for all you do; for us and most of all for your family.
    Jean…. on a rainy Mother’s Day… I suppose Heaven is crying for all those mom’s who are having a sad day.

  4. And a very happy mother’s day to you also.

    To Sharon. I feel your pain. I lost a son 15 years ago this past April 3rd to suicide. I also have a son who does not love me as he says. I do believe that someday the good Lord will open his heart to us again. But in the meantime life goes on and so do I. We do however have a daughter who loves us beyond measure. We live with her. And she is a great daughter ( 52 ). She is a widow and she will NEV ER be able to have a mothers day.
    My heart does hurt but I lean on the Lord to see me through each day. And I know someday I will see my son again in heaven. As for the other son he will come around someday. Until then I pray for him and his family everyday and that is all we can do.
    May God heal your heart and give you peace as He has given me.

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