I Am Still Here

It has been over a month since my last quilty post.

Some of you know I am a teacher (middle school English) and this time of the year is very busy and fast-paced.  We survived the school play (both Sparkle Jane and Young Son had main roles), ballet is full-speed ahead, Husband is starting a new job tomorrow, and Young Son is set to graduate high school on Friday.  Other than that, not a lot is happening (*whew!*), and that includes sewing.  However, classes end this Friday and I should be back to a calmer, and more quilty, daily schedule.

See you soon!

7 thoughts on “I Am Still Here

  1. God first, family 2nd, and all else after. We can wait. We understand. I am in sort of the same thing. Just finished a queen quilt and I am taking the summer off. I finished planting my garden, last week also.
    Now it is time for my family and I to kick back and enjoy the summer. I will have plenty of quilting projects ready for fall. Already have 3 on the list. Just finishing up a couple of odds and ends and that’s it.

  2. Summer vacation is one of the perks of teaching even if some of it is spent getting ready for the next year. Looking forward to seeing summer quilt production.

  3. Well as a survivor ( retired from 31 yrs of HS Art) I know your state of mind LOL. I will tell you I adore your scrappy and white quilts and I have been gradually making variations of them all.

  4. You have your priorities straight. Wow. Lots of changes coming to your household soon! What is YS going to do next? It sounds like you need a day in the sewing room first thing. =)

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