Status Report

It isn’t that I haven’t been sewing at all, but I have only been sewing a little and not finishing any one thing.

This one only needs binding…


This one only needs quilting…


This one is really for basting…


Still piecing on this one…


and this one…


and this one…


Yes, that is a lot of projects (and a lot of ellipses), but it is representative of my life right now:  Many things going on; many things unfinished.

Busy beats being bored by a mile!


12 thoughts on “Status Report

  1. You are like me, I usually have a pile of different projects in different stages of near-completion. Glad to know I am not the only one. You make beautiful things and I look forward to your posts very much. Have a lovely week. Cheers, Michele

  2. I have lots of projects also! That little block at the end of your post looks like Block 30 from the Splendid Sampler. Are you doing that one? I am and having so much fun. But I also have to finish my Film at Five by June 20 for guild show and tell.

  3. While reading your post I thought to myself ‘at least you won’t get bored, being so busy’ and then I read your last line, haha. Love all the fabrics you are using,

  4. I agree! I work two jobs and one is a school job that is new to me (so think learning curve) and the other is retail and a person on our crew was injured so we’ve all picked up extra hours. I’ve done quite a few 80 hour weeks and only had a total of six days off of both jobs since New Year’s. But, I’d still rather be busy…of course, I’d rather be busy sewing but time for that will come, too!

  5. They’ll all be done sooner or later. And new ones will rotate in. I have faith in your summer. =) I love your projects!

  6. I can sure relate. I have MANY irons in the fire so to speak. But I made a list and I am really trying to stick to it. So far I have finished 1 big one. A queen quilt for a raffle. So far so good.

  7. This sounds so much like me. But I do finish them, maybe later than sooner, AND I’m definitely NEVER bored.

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