Young Son graduated from High School.

He’s a kind boy, and a big man: 6’8″ and about 270 pounds. Size 17 shoes. I am only telling you because everyone asks.

Of course, it had to be celebrated with a quilt!


This project started a few years ago as part of the Thread Head quiltalong.  I went my own way on the final design, creating a “twin sampler” by doing two blocks of each pattern, one in green and one in blue, and adding a pieced border (nearly 1000 pieces there).


The quilting was done by my friend Tara and I am very pleased.  Customized but not over-quilted.


Funny that the green-eyed boy still likes green.  He matches his quilt very well.


26 thoughts on “Graduation

    1. Loved that quilt, funny how things turn out, you were able to give that beautiful quilt to a very deserving young man, on a very special occasion. Bet you never knew that’s how it would be gifted when you finally got to finish it. It’s definitely going to be treasured for many years to come, not only for it’s beauty, but more importently, from his Mama, who sewed never ending love into each & every block. Great job Mom, on both the quilt & the building of a good son, in a really large frame. ,Lol. Continued to be so very blessed.

  1. Congratulations to your son. I love this quilt. You should do it as a quilt-a-long or
    have the pattern available. It just lends itself so nicely to a male. Please let me know if the pattern is available. I am searching for a challenge.

  2. Wow, that has to be one of the prettiest quilt I’ve ever seen! Your son is a very lucky young man! I’d love to see the pattern, if you’re willing to share. Congratulations on your son’s graduation. Sounds like it’s been a very busy year for you. I always enjoy seeing your postings.

  3. Some days, I imagine it’s hard to believe he was ever little, and other days, hard to believe he’s grown up so much! Congratulations to him for making it all the way through to this time of new beginnings and to you for getting him there. I love the quilt – absolutely gorgeous, and he looks good with it. Beautifully planned, beautifully executed.

  4. Please tell him congratulations and congratulations to you and your hubby too. It takes a family to help in these wonderful accomplishments. Good job….on his graduation and your pretty quilt.

  5. What a delightful quilt! How clever of you to make both green and blue blocks! And that border…stunning. Congratulations all round!

  6. Handsome boy… granddaughter graduates in June. I made your superstar pattern with material that is just her……I didn’t make it as big as yours, but I made a matching throw pillow out of one of the extra blocks……
    Grandson graduates in 3 years and his quilt top is done. Hunters Star for his pattern with all the things that are just him……Congrats to all of you!!!!!!!!

  7. And I thought my Grandson was big. He is 6’6″ and 220, and wears a size 14 shoe. He looks like someone I wouldn’t mess with. Handsome young man though. Congratulations to you young man. May your future be bright and very successful.

  8. Oh I was so impressed with your son I almost forgot. I LOVE that quilt. Of course I am partial to blue anyway. But that is gorgeous.

  9. Congratulations to your family and son! I have a “gentle giant”. He’s 6’8″ and I always refer to him as a “ManChild.” He looks like a man, but really is still a child.

    Beautiful quilt!!! I hope “Young Son” enjoys the quilt.

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