Leftovers Are Now A Finished Quilt

The Calico Rose leftovers  are now a finished quilt.  I really do need a better name for it than “Leftovers” but it is all I have for the moment.


Tara did a great job with the quilting.  We settled on a simple overall pattern that picked up the leaves and vines in the setting blocks.  I am very pleased.


I made a small pillow to go along with it, since it is somewhere between a large throw and a small twin.


No pattern, per se, for this one.  It is just leftovers made into something useful.  That is not a bad thing.

10 thoughts on “Leftovers Are Now A Finished Quilt

  1. A rose by any other name….. It’s beautiful- far too beautiful to have a name like Leftovers! What about “Second stars” or “Another Star”?

  2. love left overs. Maybe someday I’ll put all mine together. Well some of them. My left overs would probably cover our 3+ acres. LOL

  3. I love stars and this one is beautiful…well done.. Think it should be called…Double Dipper.. Cheers from Australia

  4. It’s a wonderful thing! And I love the quilt, probably because green is my favorite color, and because you did a beautiful job on it.

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