Fairy Finish

Scrappy quilts make me happy.  There is a texture to them you can’t get any other way.  Obviously, this is very color controlled, but there are at least 50 fabrics represented in this small piece. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Barbara did a wonderful job on the quilting.  I love the overall flower/stem design she selected.

It all started as a few scraps of fairy fabric.  Too large to throw away, too small to make a quilt…or was it???


Finished it still isn’t very large, but enough for a baby or toddler room or as a decorative throw.  AND, it has a pillow to match.


Again, no pattern for this one.  It was build-as-I-go and try for inspiration. The inspiration came and I really like most everything about the finished product.  Did you notice the checked binding?  That is the backing fabric, too.


It is scheduled for donation to a local charity fundraiser.  In the past my quilts have done very well and I hope this will raise a considerable amount of money for a worthy cause.

6 thoughts on “Fairy Finish

  1. Very cute, some mom somewhere is going to be thrilled with it for her precious baby girl. Yet another job “Well Done.” Love your posts, all of them & thx for the “Joyous Sabbath”, lovely reminder.

  2. Very lovely. I really appreciated seeing the different block types you made and how they came together so nicely and look quite interesting…I would like to try this in the future…it really makes the quilt special. I thought the 16 patch and 36 patch echo approach gave a nice effect and refined the outer edge. The stars looked great as did the other block I don’t know the name of…they really look balanced and finished….not as if they were just floating off into infinity. This is a nice quilt anyone would be proud to own and use~! I’d call this quilt…Faith, Hope and Charity…Faith- the star, Hope -the 16 patch becoming abundant in the 36 patch, and Charity – the other block looks like it is offering a hand.

  3. You are so clever. You have inspired me to take my left over blocks and hopefully make at least a throw. They are all different sizes. So some of your ideas might pull it together as a decent quilt. Thanks for your clever ideas. That is a really pretty quilt.

  4. It’s a beautiful finish. I love everything about it. Your pillow is very modern looking! =) I’m sure this will be a popular item if they are auctioning, or however it’s sold.

  5. Please, oh! please! give us a pattern for the Fairy Finish quilt? I love all your work and decided it was time to tell you…..I get so much inspiration for your posts and your quilts. Thank you!

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