A Fancy New Project

I bought a pattern.  This is news because it doesn’t happen very often.  But, this was too much to pass up:  Fancy Forest by Elizabeth Hartman. The pattern is available as a PDF or print version.  I got the print version.


Yesterday I started a quilt.  Grandchild #6 is due the first part of July and this is perfect.

No, it isn’t paperpiecing.  That is why I bought it.

Worth every penny!

I can see myself making a lot of these.

8 thoughts on “A Fancy New Project

  1. I love that quilt/pattern! I expect I’ll break down and buy it one of these days as well. I’ve been sorely tempted to buy the kit, actually, but the pattern should be enough. That gives so much more flexibility. I’m mostly in love with the foxes and hedgehogs! Can’t wait to see what you make.

  2. I just saw that pattern last night and contemplated buying it. I love animals and saw that it would be so easy to use them individually in other patterns. I just may have to buy it one of these days when I’m just a bit short on reaching the free shipping mark – LOL! (Learned that excuse from hubby!)

  3. It looks super simple. Something my old age can do. I am done with fancy piecing and paper piecing. Simple is the way for me.

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