A Rabbit Has 43 Pieces

The four foxes required for a size small Fancy Forest quilt are complete.  Now I am progressing to rabbits.


Foxes were easy.  Rabbits have 43 pieces.

Easy?  No.  Precise piecing required.

Worth it?  Absolutely.

More updates coming soon (hopefully daily).


4 thoughts on “A Rabbit Has 43 Pieces

  1. I’m sure my mother had some pithy saying to cover this. A thing worth doing is worth doing well, for instance. But I have nothing but admiration for your willingness to piece a little 43-piece rabbit! I am in awe! I’ll stick with my cats … when I get to them. =)

  2. I’ve made her foxes quilt and it was soo easy…glad I didn’t tackle rabbits, who’d have thought so many pieces…it will be awesome when it’s done though…Good luck!

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