One Owl, For Now

The small Fancy Forest pattern calls for two owls, but I am only doing one for now.  I LOVE this yellow one but can’t decide on a color scheme for the second one.  So, it can wait until later in the quilt.


Instead, I selected and partially cut the pieces to make two thistle blocks–blue and orange.


I am really liking this quilt so far.


8 thoughts on “One Owl, For Now

  1. I’m loving it more each day. He’s so cute. And all those points. Good job girl. I really think I would like to have these patterns. Where can I get the book, and what is it’s title? Also how big will it be.

  2. I’m loving it, too! But, I’m glad you bought it before I did! Seeing how much work most of the blocks are, I’m seriously rethinking my love of it. If I ever decide to take the plunge, it will probably be the fox quilt only!

  3. You are doing a wonderful job. The owl does look a bit cranky though….wouldn’t want to tick it off. Lol

  4. The owl is 100% wonderful! This is going to be a darling quilt. I really love that you are getting some fun sewing time for you!

  5. You r doing an awesome job on this quilt! I am enjoying see all of you blocks come together. Can’t wait to see it finished! 😊☺😊☺

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