The Final Block: Brown Owl

As with most of the other blocks, the second version was much easier than the first one.


And, that makes a grand total of 14 total blocks:  4 foxes and two each of thistles, fireflies, owls, hedgehogs and rabbits.


For those who are wondering where my colors came from, here is a sneak look at the backing fabric.

Yes, it is very bright, but the babies are never bored around here!

11 thoughts on “The Final Block: Brown Owl

  1. L O V E it. Can’t wait to see the end results. Love the backing fabric. So bright. Any baby who gets it will adore it.

  2. Wow, impressive…I loved seeing all your beautiful blocks as you finished each one, lucky grandson!

  3. Wonderful backing fabric, and the owl is just as wonderful as the golden one. This is going to be the cutest baby quilt ever!

  4. Those blocks are so cute, but way more piecing than I care to do. Have enjoyed watching you bring this to life. I do simply adore that background fabric. I am a huge fan of wild bright colors, anyway. I know that little ones are drawn to bright primary colors & that new borns can actually focus in on these colors. I think whatever child gets this quilt is going to absolutely adore it. I can see it now, being dragged every where that child goes. God help the Mama to keep up with it. Lol. Another job “Well Done”. Looking forward to seeing the completed quilt.

  5. Love your backing fabric, not seen anything like it before – looking forward to seeing it all come together and the end result 🙂

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