One Piece

While visiting my parents, my mother offered to take me on an outing to the nearest quilt shop:  Kathy’s Fabric Trunk.

It is a big shop for a little town.  Del Norte, Colorado has a population of about 1700.  I am certain the fabric store must have been the busiest store in town that day.


There was one piece of fabric that just had to come home with me.  I cleaned out the bolt.  So sad that it was only 1-1/2 yards. 😦

But, it will back a future baby quilt with enough left over to make the centers of some scrappy blocks.  Yep, I can practically see the quilt already.

11 thoughts on “One Piece

  1. Too bad it wasn’t more….but did what you had to do. Lol cute fabric. It will brighten someones bed/crib.

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  2. I simply love butterflies. I love all the beautiful bright colors. Sigh. Wish we has some here. Will have to look at our shops to see.

  3. A town of 1700 with a quilt shop says there are a lot of women quilting in town. =) It’s a beautiful piece of fabric. Lucky you! 1.5 is enough to do a lot of things. I’m sure you’ll find the best use for it.

  4. I have that same fabric in my granddaughter’s graduation quilt. I used your Superstars pattern, but used different fabrics that reminded me of my little girl….I bought it in a small shop in Buckley… fact the material was called Buckley Butterflies. She got the quilt last month at her graduation party… was a hit!

  5. That is so pretty, I would have cleaned that bolt too. There is a small shop in Ohio I like to go to, when I get up there. she carries fabrics I have not seen here at home, and at a much less expensive price than here.
    ps, still got those 5 inch sqs. ? I have not heard back from you on that, am still interested in accquiring at least one box, two if you have that much still on hand. Just let me know, via email. thx much.

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