10 thoughts on “First Block

  1. I too, am a fan of the fish. So colorful, adore primary colors, especially for tiny ones. From what I understand, bright colors are extremely pleasing to the young eye, guess as we age, we as adults, change into blending more subdued colors into our lives. Either way, these fish are gorgeous, reminders me of “Finding Nemo”. Lol Anticipate an adorable finished product. PS: I now have several of those 2 1/2″ blocks made up into “4 patches”. Have realized by the means of different blends, textures & thicknessesof my numerous cotton fabrics, that few blocks retain their exact size. Plowing ahead anyway. The plan is, after making all into 4patches, will be sizing all into 4″ blocks. Just got a 4″ X 4″ square ruler & it appears this is going to work out, after all. At least with all @ 4″s, I’ll have a smaller block than planned, but I’ll also stand a fair chance of having a successful looking quilt or two. One must salvage what one can, cutting the possibility of total loss as early as possible. Well that’s how I see it anyway. Have prayed over this project a lot already, the Lord is faithful & He’ll see me through. He has blessed my seam matching abilities a lot already. Praise be to the Lord On High. Smiling broadly. Lol. Barbara

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