Starfish-y Top Finished

It was a low-sew week, but this weekend was better.  There was just enough time to assemble this little top, which I am calling Starfish-y.  It is 35″ finished.


Just 16 My Size Stars blocks with 1-1/2″ sashing between and around.  I have the scrappy binding ready to go, too.


Hopefully it will be a quilt-ready-to-bind by the end of this week.  Slow progress.  I hope that baby isn’t growing too fast!

9 thoughts on “Starfish-y Top Finished

  1. Considering the cutting and block-making time, I don’t think that’s slow! And working full-time and being a full-time mom and wife, and all the other things you do. It’s wonderful and that baby will grow up loving it.

  2. Hi, When I saw your cut outs I thought to myself “What the heck is she thinking? Those solid ones are going to throw the whole quilt off!” …Well, I am going to have to eat my words ladies …not only was I wrong but, I learned a few valuable lessons here…If I am going to make a judgement ,(which I know I shouldn’t do but, which does sneak up on me sometimes) I should make it from a place of experience! Not only does this add interest to the quilt but, it is very restful to my eye…I will be using this technique in the future! Thank you for sharing all your sewing adventures with us and please have an awesome day!

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