5 thoughts on “Something Different

  1. There is never an ugly quilt, too much love goes into it! I have a quilt similar to this it is the left overs of my binding . Yours will be beautiful

  2. Deanna, I was thinking of you earlier today. I wanted to tell you about a video you might be interested in viewing. It is Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co, her tutorial video on the Scrappy Four Patch. When you watch it, you may regret getting rid of all those 5 inch squares. But that video was exactly what I had in mind when I saw your offer, & requested 2 boxes if you still had any left over. I have not used them yet, so if you would like them back, I would send them. By the way they are gorgeous pieces of fabric. I denied myself to use them till I finished projects that I had started. When I dig into them, I do not want any guilt feelings to be a distraction. Anyway, let me know. Appreciate your sending them, as you did. Trust you received my card & payment. Take care, & may God bless. P S Sparkle Janes dress came out beautiful. I just do not want you to truly regret getting rid of all those squares. That is why I wanted to give you the opportunity to get back at least a few of those beautiful fabrics. I am still a long way off from getting around to them. Let me know Dear. Thanks again, Barbara

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