I am turning to another old project.  This one has been known by many names; right now I am calling it “Batik Hollow.”


The problem, now that I am looking at it again, is that it is boring.


When you look at the fabrics in a pile, the problem becomes clear. There are hints of warmth here and there, but most of it is about the same tone of the same colors.  I like contrast and this doesn’t have it.

You might feel differently, and that is OK.  We each have our own aesthetic. Husband has joked that my quilts are very energy efficient because no one would ever need a nightlight when sleeping under them.  Surely that isn’t a bad thing? 🙂


Here are new fabrics that might help the future blocks and some of the existing blocks are being torn out to add new, more colorful centers.


Right now there are 14 blocks.  It will take 20, plus a pieced border, to make a quilt worth counting.

Sometimes you have to do the bold thing, even if it is painful.  I am not looking forward to that much tearing out and re-doing.  But it is better than having a pile of fabric without a purpose.  Yep, at this point the quilt needs to be finished or thrown away, and I can’t bring myself to continue down the same path, and I don’t want to throw it away.


11 thoughts on “Rethinking

  1. The tearing out and ripping is always tedious and frustrating; however, the end result of the rebuilding is always rewarding. Good choice.

  2. I like the calmness of the original blocks, but I’m not the one who has to use it. =) The brighter accents are also quite nice. In the end, you will be happier, if you are keeping this quilt. It’s a very interesting design I don’t recall seeing elsewhere.

  3. I have to agree with you. Your fabrics are beautiful! But I think the added pops of color will be the icing on the cake. I hate unsewing as well, but I’m sure your efforts will be rewarded at the end. I can’t wait to see it when you’re finished!

  4. I really love this block — is there a pattern name?
    Just what it needs is some brighter colors — my favorites also.

  5. For me, tearing out would fall real close to the bottom of the list of things you could do to save this quilt. You said you have six more blocks to do to complete the quilt. You have redone two, so that is a total of 8 blocks you could do using the brighter colors. Maybe just mixing those in with the quieter blocks will be sufficient for you to accept the blocks you have (they are very pretty!) and you won’t have to tear them apart. Pops of color in your border will pull it all together and you don’t have to tear anything apart. Regardless what you choose to do, I know it will be lovely. Be sure to share!

  6. Hi, Seems to me Paula has the best suggestions…well, that is the way I’d go anyway…I was just reading an old Quiltworks traditional Magazine this morning…from the 70’s They were having this colour discussion putting subdued pallet a bit ahead of busy/bright (if I interpreted it correctly) I personally thought all the examples were a lot anemic, More subdued then what you have there. I guess we have come a long way and I for one am enjoying it all! By the way…I really like that pattern…especially the way it breaks into the outer edge!

  7. I agree with the rip it out. Like most everyone I love the pattern. I also prefer bold colors which make a statement or eliminate the need for a night light! However, my biggest problem is with the cream colored back ground. Would a white or very pale gray be a better choice? No offense intended, I simply don’t like cream and prefer a lighter and brighter back ground to off set the beautiful batiks. Your quilts are all beautiful. I am sure you have made whatever change you needed, and it is now also gorgeous.

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