Another New-Old Project

2016 has been a great year for finishing old projects.  In fact, the supply is running low and I am starting to look around for new projects for the new year.  Until then, I have a few old projects left to pull out and make a decision about.


This is Tile Works, a bunch of blocks based on one from the 100-blocks magazines (way back–#2, I think).

There are 23 blocks created so far.  I don’t hate them, but I have trouble seeing them as a complete quilt.  It will need sashing…what colors to use?  Not scrappy, I think.  And colored cornerstones of some kind.  And an interesting outer border, perhaps echoing at least part of the block pattern.

Thirty blocks, plus sashing and borders, would make a reasonable queen-size quilt.  I think I have seven more blocks in me for this project.  Maybe I can even finish it before the end of the year…

8 thoughts on “Another New-Old Project

  1. Those are beautiful blocks! How about a dark brown sashing to frame the blocks and make the colors pop? Looking forward to seeing how you finish this one. :o)

  2. I really like those blocks. When is the tutorial coming? Please??? Love the colors.
    My daughter and I are doing a Christmas quilt for the wall in the living room. It will be 6 feet by 3 1/2 feet. It is a civil war quilt called the ” Pot Holder Quilt .” It originated here in New England during the civil war.
    I took a class way back and have taught it also. Love the ease of it. I’m making a bed runner with it also.

  3. These are lovely. How large are they? For me, that would help me choose between making more and sashing, or using with alternate blocks, or doing something else altogether. Also, YES you’ve finished up a lot of things this year! Good work. I’m sure it feels like you’ve accomplished a lot, and I hope you feel good about that.

  4. I see a double border – one plain to rest the eye and a piano key final border using scraps from the fabrics in your blocks. Agree about sashing and cornerstones. This is going to be splendid!

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