2 thoughts on “Joyful Sabbath

  1. Thank you for doing this on Sundays. I appreciate it for sure. If you have a few minutes please pray for our family. We are in a situation not of our making. We have no idea as to how to get out of it. I know God does but He is not letting us know yet. We pray He discloses it soon as there is a time limit, or we will have to sell our daughter’s home to solve it and that would hurt us all terribly. If you answer me thru the e-mail, I will tell you about it so you won’t assume anything. I just can’t disclose it here.

  2. Ya shoulda been here for stake conference today. That was part of our lessons. Brent Neilson and his wife were here – both great speakers. He’s quiet and packs a wallop! Thanks for sharing this thought.

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