Final Countdown: Task Three

Shelly really knows how to inspire.  Task Three for the Final Countdown this year is

Get committed

For me this is a perfect follow up to the previous two challenges that focused on cleaning.

First, to evaluate my 2016 progress.

2016 Ambitions and Dreams List

1. THE Hundred Patch (April finish–top complete 4//2016. ALL COMPLETE 7/24/2016)

2. Jeans Quilts for Many

3. Fairy Quilt (January finish–sent to quilter. Back and complete in JUNE. To be donated.)

4. Tile Works

5. Academy Square

6. Quasar (October finish–top complete about October 15, 2016)

7. Batik Hollow (Top complete 11/23/2016)

8. Leftover CR blocks (March finish–top complete and back prepared 3/4/2016. COMPLETE in June)

9. Barn Quilt (January finish–sent to quilter. Back and complete in April. Donated to school auction.)

10. Christmas Soft Book (February finish)


Things that sneak in along the way, because things do that…

11. Circa 2016 with Temecula Quilt Company (October finish–Top complete 10/31/2016)


Not too bad–only three projects will carry over from 2016 to 2017.  This has to be the fewest WIP/UFO’s I have had since I started quilting.


This is my commitment list for 2017.

2017 Ambitions and Dreams List

  1. Tile Works
  2. Howard’s Pillow
  3. Splendid Sampler
  4. Sweet Sixteen
  5. Star Happy
  6. Jeans Quilts
  7. Academy Square
  8. Baby Quilts (at least 10)

If that doesn’t keep me busy and happy, nothing will.  Happy New Year!


6 thoughts on “Final Countdown: Task Three

  1. Hi Deanna, I really enjoy your posts and scrap quilts. So much so, that as the current President, I have used ‘Film At Five’ as the ‘Chairmans Challenge’ at Malvern Quilters in Worcestershire England for our upcoming exhibition in April. It will be raffled and the proceeds given to a local animal charity here in Worcestershire. Members were asked to make the 25 patch Blocks, I then included one of my own then pieced the sashings, layered and machine quilted it on my home machine. My only variation was to use the same Bottle Green Batik in the intersection squares. I am so happy with how it turned out. Thank you for the inspiration Happy 2017 Yvonne [image1.JPG] [image2.JPG]

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  2. Oh dear. I do not make anymore plans. I am 74 and my days are so full taking care of hubby and house. I just have to take things as they come. And hopefully on the way through the year I might get a few things done that has been hanging around. I did finally get my Pot Holder bed runner quilt done before the year end. Now I am taking one project at a time and completing it .

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