For the past two years I have kept all empty spools for the year, just out of curiosity.  I knew this year wouldn’t be as many as last year because it was mainly full spools and last year I was using lots of scraps.  Also, I wasn’t machine quilting 52 baby quilts.  That used an amazing amount of thread.


However, I am pleased to report that this year left me with 40 empty spools.

They are donated to the art teacher at my school.  The students regularly use them as foundations for sculpture.  I also give her the tiny pieces of batting trimmed from the edges of quilts.  It is used for the same purpose and much easier to handle than plastic bags.  It is wrapped around wire frames to form basic shapes and then covered with paper mache or plaster cast type materials.

Get to know your local schools.  There are so many ways your “leftovers” can be used to improve the lives of the next generation.  I sure feel good about having ways to help, and it doesn’t cost me a thing.

8 thoughts on “Spools

  1. THANK You so much for this great advice.  My two grandchildren, now 4 and 5 years old live with me and are going to pre-school and kindergarten and I never thought to send all of these “treasures” to the teachers.  Wonderful idea!!! Have a Blessed 2017 and I will continue to enjoy reading all of your posts.Bobbie in NM

  2. Great idea. Never thought about that. Think I will get in touch with our local school and see if they could use some of my left overs. Thanks for the idea.

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