Off And Running In 2017

My husband’s manager delivered twins just after Christmas.  So, my first project for 2017 is a same-but-different twin quilt set.

Fabric for twin baby quilts

I am using the Pint Size pattern I recently created and they are coming along nicely.  I hope to have finished tops by the middle of the month.


If I do two blocks a day, it is possible and that is a pace I believe I can keep.

8 thoughts on “Off And Running In 2017

  1. I have that fabric all the squares are on! Is that your backing? I wonder if I should have a focus fabric and only choose colors from that fabric to keep the colors cohesive in the scrappy quilt. What do you suggest?

    1. I sometimes enjoy straight up scrappy where I grab random pieces and get going. However, sometimes, particularly on small quilts or when I am working with larger pieces, “controlled” scrappy works better for me. So I do often coordinate with the backing fabrics. Either way, scrappy is happy!

  2. Wonderful scraps, wonderful projects. The backing is quite appropriate for the babies, and these will be so great. His manager has to appreciate him even more when those show up. 😉

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