Howard’s Pillow

Howard’s Pillow was finished Monday night thanks to our latest snowstorm.  Evening plans were cancelled and I was able to sneak in a little sewing time.


This pillow is for a fellow teacher who is retiring this year.  He wanted a quilt and described what he was looking for.  I offered him the Leftovers quilt finished a while back.  Oh, that was just right, but could he get a larger pillow to do with it.


The pillow is based on a ModaBakeShop tutorial (  It will be delivered soon (depending on weather conditions).  I hope he likes it as much as the quilt.


3 thoughts on “Howard’s Pillow

  1. Always good to have a spare quilt in the closet and some scraps leftover. Both sides of the pillow are great, and I think he’ll love it. The top picture looks very modern, I think!

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