Show and Tell

Faithful WeddingDressBlue readers are at it again–creating beautiful versions of the TUTORIALS you find here.

This one is by CraftyCreek for Hands 2 Help.  Just a leftover jellyroll, but with happy results.  Notice the detail on the quilting.


SewYummy turned a Film at Five into a Cinema at Seven…it is a BIG quilt.


Here is Paula’s Fading Charms quilt.  Makes me want to build another one myself!


Vicki also finished a version of Fading Charms, partially with charms I sent her.  That makes it extra special to me, too.


Yvonne and a group of her quilting friends created ‘Film At Five’ as the ‘Chairmans Challenge’ at Malvern Quilters in Worcestershire England.  It is being raffled off and the proceeds donated to charity.  I wish them the best of luck and even more wish I could be there to see it in person (just a little selfish, but true).


Maria shared this inspired-by-WeddingDressBlue quilt.  She used t-shirt jersey for the backing.  Won’t that be cozy-warm?!


Lynn finished her Calico Rose.  She added an extra special border and used a lovely blue background fabric.


Suzie also finished a Calico Rose quilt.  She called her version Blue Carolina.  She entered her very first quilt show with it and won Honorable Mention.  Quilts look good wearing ribbons!


Mattie made a version of Hundred Hugs that she called Hundred Kisses. It was for her own baby girl named Caroline.


Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful things you have made using WeddingDressBlue design as your inspiration.  I just love seeing all you do.  It inspires me.


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