Twin Pint Size Finish

The twin Pint Size quilts are finished.


The “boy” version has scraps of green, yellow, red and brown.


The “girl” version is green, yellow, pink and purple.


It was an interesting challenge to use the same backing fabric for both and yet make them distinct.


They will be delivered by Husband to his work in the near future.

If you are worried, “Will I like scrappy, or will it just be chaotic?” consider starting with a backing fabric you love.  Pick colors that stand out to you and then select pieces that match-but-not-too-closely.  If you look at these quilts you will see a wide range of each color, but they do coordinate.  The variety provides interest and texture only possible with scrappy fabrics.  And it really does work!

8 thoughts on “Twin Pint Size Finish

  1. I like a lot. You inspire me. Went downstairs to look at my stash this morning. Hubby went with me. He was amazed at all the fabric I have. So am I. Good pattern to use up all, well some of the scraps.

  2. Well done, they look beautiful, the same but different. I’m sure the lucky recipients will be thrilled. You do scrappy so well, it is so inspiring xxx

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