Jolly Christmas Quilt-along Update

You may have noticed the sidebar button for the Have A Jolly Little Christmas quilt along sponsored by Sew Fresh Quilts.  Click on it!  The blocks are great! (Even though these pictures aren’t.  I think my camera has been dropped one too many times, or something.)


I have made three blocks so far–one stockings and two mittens.


All of these pieces are for the Christmas bow block.

Yes, these blocks are not for the faint of heart, but they are not impossible.  Just read carefully, cut carefully and watch seam allowances.  I am planning a different sort of layout and will keep you posted as it develops.  The finished quilt will probably be a present for my parents.   They are really patient with my constant gifts of quilts.

3 thoughts on “Jolly Christmas Quilt-along Update

  1. You are so busy. Can I be your Grandmother???? LOL!
    I am working on a Christmas quilt for our bed. It’s a king. Why do I punish myself with all these king size quilts? But it is very cute. The pattern is by Jenny Doan from Missouri Quilt Co. It is called the present.
    Love her patterns. So simple and quick to do. At least she shows it is.
    I am thinking about working on my hexagon quilt at night again. I started it about 3 years ago. But putting together 3464 hexies is tedious. And it will be a king. Sigh!
    I finished the moose on the loose quilt top. Now if it would only stop snowing, I could get it to the long arm quilter. We are buried in snow. And we are getting another 16 inches tomorrow. YUCK!!
    Why did we move back to Maine from Florida. That is a good question. I don’t have a clue.
    Anyway, I am anxious to see the finished quilt you are doing. How many do you have started? I have 8. And that does not count the ones downstairs. Oh horrors, I can’t think about that right now. I’ll think about it t0morrow. Yes Scarlette, tomorrow is another day.

  2. No, they aren’t patient – they are thrilled! I know I would be, in their place. This looks like another wonderful one. I like your mittens and stockings!

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