Progress On Miss Jenna’s Quilt

The quilt is coming along nicely–24 of 80 blocks complete.


Each block is either plum-grey or green-grey with a cream background.

It isn’t as bright as my typical work, but it isn’t my quilt.  It is Miss Jenna’s quilt.  She is a young woman of elegance and refinement.  Hopefully this quilt reflects that style.

14 thoughts on “Progress On Miss Jenna’s Quilt

  1. I was so curious as to how you were going to put this quilt together, again it is so amazing! I always look to see what you are creating, you can come up with some great beautiful quilts. I just love your quilts! Thanks for sharing. I will be trying to make the pint size quilt, once I gather the fabric I will send pics. Thank you!

  2. I love it. Blue and gray are my favorite colors. Being from and living in Maine, I love the ocean. These are the colors of the ocean. Blues, grays and greens. Can’t wait to see it done.

  3. It is beautiful. Sometimes us folks that love color & the scrappier the better, in our opinion. We tone it down for the folks that we care about, because that’s what they love. Our ultimate goal is to give a gift that they will treasure, for it’s sheer beauty & the love that went into it. So we keep on keeping on, everyone is different & opinions vary. That’s what makes this world so wonderful. Just look @ all the variety God had given mankind. God loves us all, just they way we are.
    PS, I still haven’t touched those 5″ sqs you sent me, saving them for something stupendous. But have too many other partially finished items I’m determined to finish before I allow my self that pleasure with those sqs. lol Delayed gratification can be a really good thing. lol

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