5 thoughts on “Importance Of Hobbies

  1. She is amazing. I love her quilts. What a lovely lady. Thank you for this. I watched several times just to see her quilt room. Wow! Picked up a quilt of mine at the long arm quilters. Now she has a room. Her quilt machine is 14 feet long and does everything including talk. She told me what she paid for it. Gulp. 30,000. dollars. she also let me try it. Oh heck. I’m in love. Sigh…..

  2. Thank you for this happy video , I really enjoyed it …I can relate…Now I know the name for what I might be IF I tidy up! An organized Hoarder! Where oh where are those little fairies who come into the home while you sleep and sort it all out?
    I’d love a visit!!!

  3. I did like watching that. Not only is she a quilter, but she obviously does other good works – her mention of the food pantry, for example. If we get to stick around a long time, we might as well be helping!

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