A Quilt Block By Any Name…

Many of you asked what pattern I used for Miss Jenna’s quilt.  I didn’t know if it had a name…I had seen something similar and just made it work.

However, it turns out that it does have a name, and it is an old and common block:  Buckeye Beauty….or…a lot of other names, like

Double Four Patch
Gay Scrap Quilt
Give This One a Name
Going to Chicago
Hour Glass
Jacob’s Ladder
New Four Patch
Northern Lights
Railroad Crossing
World’s Fair
World’s Fair

More information here: http://www.generations-quilt-patterns.com/buckeye-beauty-quilt-block.html  and here: http://www.quilterscache.com/B/BuckeyeBeautyBlock.html

Mine is based on 2-1/2″ squares and 5″ squares for the HST sections–squared up to 4-1/2.


I think what makes Miss Jenna’s quilt look so different is the use of three colors.  It is a great block by any name, and at least we all know.

7 thoughts on “A Quilt Block By Any Name…

  1. We called it the fancy 4 patch or Jacobs ladder. That is what the told me today. Just thought I would carry it through. I love it. I just found out from my guild today.

  2. Jewel Box is what I know it as, too, but maybe that’s when you put the four blocks together. It is a great looking layout so far!

  3. Please add Texas two step to the list lol. That was what it was called when My guild made it!!! Altho one of the four patched was rotated.

  4. I just finished two quilts using Buckeye Beauty blocks. I finally decided “Buckeye Beauty” was name given to the arrangement I used, but who knows. No matter the name it’s a fun, easy block to make.

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