Poinsettia Block

I continue to enjoy the Have A Jolly Little Christmas Quilt Along.

Sew Fresh Quilts

My latest effort is the Poinsettia Block.  I modified it a little, changing the large, green corner squares to smaller ones and adding gold.  The long term plan is to use this as an alternating block in the quilt.


I plan to make it a 5×5 with 13 of these blocks and 12 of the other pieced blocks.  We’ll see if I make it that far, but I think I probably will because I am having so much fun!


8 thoughts on “Poinsettia Block

  1. I’m enjoying this quilt along too. Need to do the candles now! I also have my eye on that bear’s paw with the footprints and and . . . so many lovelies there!

    I like your smaller squares with the gold – looking forward to the finished piece. I still have lots to learn.

  2. I’ve been thinking I should start my Christmas quilt tops now and maybe, just maybe I won’t be tearing my hair out in December! A block a week and I’d be so ready. Hope you continue to have fun on this journey. Afterall, why do it if it isn’t something that brings you pleasure? I find if I don’t like what I am doing, it shows.

  3. I like the changes you made. It’s a lovely block and it will be a lovely quilt when you finish it, which I know you will!

  4. Not to be concerned, Jenny. If you’re enjoying it, be patient & it will come to it’s beautiful fruition, everything I’ve ever seen you’ve done was beautiful in it’s own right. And I’ve been watching your video’s for years. I’ve learned more from you than all the books I’ve checked out of the library on quilting & I have checked out a good many. I know no one who quilts & I am self taught, more mistakes than most folks, til I found your video’s online. Now I make a lot fewer mistakes & I rip out a lot less. Cannot wait to see it as a tutorial. Be blessed. Sincerely BJBlack

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