Daily Life Of A Teacher

I teach middle school English (students ages 11-14, mostly).  It is a great job…I love the school I work at and the lively children I work with.

They often bring in things to share with me–treats, pictures, book, and, occasionally, a pet.


Like a snake.

Just a part of the daily life of a teacher.


10 thoughts on “Daily Life Of A Teacher

  1. I would be happy that she wanted to share the snake with me, but happiest when the snake went back home. 🙂

  2. I do not like snakes…. I had a coral snake in my house in Florida. My daughter was able to kill it. I also had an encounter with a pigmy rattler which ended well. I’m alive and it’s not.
    I was called by my 86 year old neighbor who had a rattle snake in her pack yard. I took the flat nose shovel and got her dog away from it and killed it before it got the dog.
    I had to bury it deep and covered it with a very heavy barrel to prevent the dog from getting it. They are still very deadly for about 24-48 hours because of their venom. As I said I don’t like snakes.

  3. Snakes are really cool critters! So nice to see that you aren’t squeemish about holding them! Maybe that’s a quilter’s trait, too. Love your blog,

    Sharon Ludwig,=) Dana Point, Ca

  4. LOL. Looks like a great pet. I actually like snakes, personally. They are so useful in keeping down certain populations I’m not fond of.

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