In The Interval


As I was heading out to plant the peas, Young Son arrived at home with two friends.  Two hungry friends.  I offered a late lunch in return for a little help in the yard.  They gladly agreed.  In addition to cleaning up a large amount of leftovers, they also raked and finished cleaning up the back yard.  While I still got the peas planted.

Now I need to do up the dishes before they overwhelm the countertop, then I will vacuum.

More coming soon…


The dishes are done. The vacuuming is not done.  Sparkle Jane got home and is taking a much-needed nap.  So, poor me (I don’t sound very sad, do I?), I really had to do something quiet.  Like sew.


The center of the top is half assembled.


4 thoughts on “In The Interval

  1. Are you kidding? Plant peas, rake the yard??? We are buried under 12 inches of snow and will be lucky to be able to work the ground before the first of May! What a difference location makes…still I think you must be The Super Family …Superwoman…Superkids …Superman…etc! Great job on the quilts!!!

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